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Raju Mehandi Wala offers professional mehandi designer services in and around Delhi area. Mehandi and makeup always excite a girl. And if it's a bride then it becomes a big concern for her on how to look good on her "D" day. A girl waits for this day long since months back.

The bridal mehandi designs are always heavy and hand full designs that impart a beautiful look to the brides' personality. Mehandi design gains religious importance in our lives, which beliefs that mehandi or henna brings good luck to the person's lives. In every corner of India mehandi has a great significance on various festive occasions and especially for the wedding ceremony. Call us today to know more @9818271275

The dye used to create the beautiful designs you see on my cousin's hands, pictured above, is made from dried, ground henna leaves and various other ingredients, which you can investigate further on my recipe page.

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